What happens when your gender does not seem to be your own? An internal clash of identities rages that has the potential to push you to the margins of society, if society has not done so already.

Over 700,000 transgender men and woman live in the United States today and are one of the most underrepresented groups globally, yet make up a significant percentage of any population. While gay and lesbian rights are on the rise and same-sex marriage parliamentary debates are being considered the world over, the transgender population still seems to be on the tail end of the LGBT movement.

This photo-story explores a brief encounter into the life of Martijn, a thirty-four year old dutch transvestite living in London, who can sing with the best of them, has a passion for the performance arts, and a refusal to be marginalized. ‘Martijn’ is part of a larger work-in-progress series delving into the world of sub-cultures and clashes of identity.

(Image captions pending a back-end software update, should hopefully be very soon!)

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